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WIA NEWS – Wireless Institute of Australia National News Broadcast

Founded in 1910, the WIA is acknowledged as being one of the first radio societies in the world, and is the world’s oldest national amateur radio society.


DAY: Sunday AU

Time:  10.00 AEST / AEDT (00.00 / 23:00Z) - The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) National News Broadcast.

John VK3HJQ - WIA National News Rebroadcaster / Callback operator.

EchoLink IP ONLY: VK3HJQ-L Tallangatta

VK3HJQ-L “AutoWIANEWSfeed” WIANEWS re-broadcasted via *HAM*

1. *Manual / Auto connection of Stations taking the News feed 10 minutes before.

2. All -L & -R stations will be MUTED 5 minutes before News starts.

3. One station at the time (ONLY -L & -R) will be UNMUTED for the CALLBACK.

4. *Manual / Auto connected stations will be DISCONNECTED after the CALLBACK, they may reconnect again.

(Current EL News Auto timer settings: 150 Seconds TX & 8 Seconds RX for TOT’s)

*Manual / Auto connected stations taking the News feed: VK2RAD-R, VK2REE-R, VK4DA-L , VK4JY-L & VK5DMC-L

All are welcome to connect up and take the News feed or just tune in, callbacks are taken after the News, So Please Check In, as the check in numbers are sent to the WIA for collating.

Please Click Here for the full list of WIA News Broadcasts.


How I do the weekly WIANEWS Broadcast.

1. Download the WIANEWS MP3 file from the WIA web site.

2. Edit the News file in Audacity (software program) and add my Promo to the start of the News file then add a Beep every 2 mins with 4 sec gap.

3. In Audacity set Sampling Rate to 8000 Hz, after editing the file then Remove DC Offset and Normalise Max. Amp. to -1.5db, Export file (Save) as WAV 8 Bit 8000Hz PCM, so it will play back in EchoLink.

4. Copy & paste the modified WIANEWS file into the EchoLink player.

5. Play the file in Echolink, when it Beeps, pause the playback for 8  secs then start Playback again (manual operation).


The 4 sec gap in the News file is because when you pause the playback in EchoLink the audio over runs by 2 seconds, & then another 2 seconds is to allow it to key back up again (TX) before the audio starts.

The 8 sec manual delay is for TOT (Time out Timers) so RF simplex links and Repeater links do not time out.

VK3HJQ WIANEWS modified file included so you can have a listen to one of them. Please Click Here. (wianews-2018-09-23 VK3HJQ.wav)

Wow, what a process, well it’s all good fun, I think.